Completing Step 2                                                   Your VIP Guest of Honor Link:


Helps you complete Step 2 by confirming your event with funds already raised for you.


The above link enables your chosen VIP Guests of Honor to agree to purchase their advance discount tickets so we can grow your Empowerment Tree: 4. WOW…. I GET IT! Count me in to be a VIP for this fantastic event and I agree to do my part. - I hereby understand the significance of the above offer and agree to do my part by simply purchasing my pair of discounted VIP Guest of Honor tickets at a $50 Savings immediately to help get this World Class Cultural event confirmed and on the way towards being one of the most successful Jazz for Peace events ever.  


 EMPOWERMENT TREE GRANTSThe Jazz for Peace Grant Administration team has helped more than 800 organizations obtain their VIP Guests of Honor on the way to maximum funding for their outstanding cause.

Dear Empowerment Grant Recipient,


It is now time for each of your committee members to gather as many VIP Guests of Honor as possible by emailing our VIP Guest of Honor link to a small group of 25-50 or more of their favorite people and following up to an even smaller group of 8-10 or more of them by phone or in person. This way each committee member will be able to secure at least a handful or more of VIP Guests each.


As you can see from this link -, each of our 800 plus successful grants has been the result of a 3 step process consisting of: (1) preparing your Application for Board Approval, (2) Confirming your event with funds already raised for you (ROOTS), and - the most important step of all, (3) growing the Empowerment Tree.


We have already completed step 1 and we are now on Step 2 - Confirming your event with funds already raised for you (also known as the ROOTS).


Above is the link that you were previously sent for you and your Committee Members to invite the VIP Guests of Honor (ROOTS of our Empowerment Tree) and it is now time for you to contact each person that you have chosen to be a VIP Guest of Honor so that they can receive the $50 savings and additional rewards (click HERE) by purchasing their VIP tickets directly from you as outlined in # 4 above (see above).


They can write their checks directly to your organization.


Please contact me right away and let me know if you have any questions.

We look forward to your reply so that we can assist you to complete Step 2 with relative ease so that our Event Coordinating Team will have as much time as possible to work on the most important step of all: Step 3 – Growing your Empowerment Tree - on our way to making your event one of our most successful Jazz for Peace Events Ever. (Click HERE!)


John De Angelis – Grant Administrator – Empowerment Tree Grant Program for Nonprofits – Changing our world one Grant at a time….  Contact: Grant Hotline: 212-202-0515, Skype: 805-426-JAZZ , Main: 212-947-1104