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                                                           Silent Auction Art




Our Featured Artist and Associate Event Producer


Timothy S. Wearne


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Noah G. Pop


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Jonathan Fritz


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Michael D'Antuono


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Edie Art


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Edie will also be  performing a

live performance art piece the

day of our Gala Event







Janet Restino


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C PRINT  11" x 14" in 14 x 20" frame signed artists proof    Value   $250.







Kirsten Vibe Philippides


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"Acclaimed portrait painter will
 immortalize the specialness of your dog
in a beautiful oil painting approximately

16" X 16" She works from
pictures that either you provide

or that she takes."





Chester Potter


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title: "pay my bills"

size: 30in x 40in

medium: shredded bills, oil,

and polyurethane on canvas






Joanne Morton

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                                         By Trickydame

Joanne Morton shares her MPL Art Cards to allow you to discover, inspire, create your Magic Passion Love.  MPL is in YOU!

Use the 10 art cards to create conversation, thought or opportunity - share with others! Let’s see what happens with more Magic Passion Love in the world. 

Art cards will be available for purchase, 50% of sales go benefit Jazz for Peace

The two-sided cards have hand-designed sayings and duplicates of paintings by Joanne Morton






Tracy Von Becker


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"The Chosen One"








Bob Leach


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Edward Jimenez


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16 x 24 medium: digital art on lustre photo paper name of the art piece:  Busy Landscapes
estimated value: $250 Dollars






Mama Spell


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Tug of War

2009, Oil on Canvas
3 1/2' x 3 1/2'












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Loren Ellis


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Art for Healing

(Evlyn Metzger)


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Amy Cohen


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Dorothy Krakauer


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The Postman, Playa de las Canteras de Gran Canaria
Dorothy Krakauer
C-Print 14"x11"



Patrick Christiano


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It is 16x20 and a transfer print, Empire state Bldg.

value $150.00

Teofilio Olivieri


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Silent Auction Misc. Items







Item # 100  - Dinner for two at Purnima  $  ???.00

donated by Vikas Khanna

Value $ 125.00 +



254 W 54th St
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 307-9797



During the full moon (Purnima being the Sanskrit translation), women all over the world act in an irrational fashion and allow their emotions to take them over. Chef Vikas Khanna (salaam Bombay, Tamarind) is hoping he can channel the appetites of these vociferous ladies (and their male counterparts) with his latest Indian resto and appeal to their passions and senses with exotic curries, aromas and flavors.

The tandoori oven is always on full heat, ready to serve Adraki Lamb chops and Tandoori Jhinga to anxious patrons. The Lamb Vindaloo, cooked in a spicy, tomato-vinegar, is so succulent and juicy that an extra serving of Naan is mandatory. Look for some special fusion dishes (the real hidden gems) if you’re tired of the traditional Indian dishes.

-E.J.Ellen Jakobsmeier




Item # 101  - Professional Star Makeover - Starting Bid  $  ???.00

donated by Birgitte Phillippides

Value $ 275+


   Birgitte Phillippides

            has worked for the last

                   sixteen years

                   Makeup Artist

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Item # 106 - David Barton Gym - 1 year membership - Starting Bid  $ ??.00

donated by David Barton Gym

Value $ 1550.00



The lucky winner of this auction will receive a one year membership to David Barton Gym.




Nick Wohn











Item # 103  - Gift Basket of all Natural Foods  - Starting Bid  $20.00

donated by the Alvarez Family

Value $ 75.00


Item Description:  Includes an assortment of Natural Products.

(Soups, Cocoa mix, Waffle & Pancake mix, Crepe mix,

Apple Cake mix, Brownie mix, etc)





















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Item # 104  and # 105 - Gift Basket  - Starting Bid  $ ??.00

donated by Paleewong Trading Co.

Value $ 100.00 each



Each basket will consist of:


6-pack of Asian Beer:

1 bottle of Singha Beer (Thailand)

1 bottle of Beerlao Lager (Laos)

1 bottle of Beerlao Dark (Laos)

1 bottle of Kingfischer (India)

1 bottle of Singha Light (Thailand)

1 bottle of 33 (Vietnam)


Asian wine and spirits:

1 750ml bottle of Monsoon Valley, Blended Red Wine (Thailand)

1 750ml bottle of Monsoon Valley, Blended White Wine (Thailand)

1 750ml bottle of Banyan, Gewürztraminer (made by Thai family in Sonoma County)

1 750ml bottle of Banyan, Riesling (made by Thai family in Sonoma County)

1 187ml bottle of Zato (Thai Sake)


Item # 102  - Museum Tour  - Starting Bid  $ ??.00

donated by the NY Historical Museum

Value $ 150.00





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