"Jazz for Peace provides Empowerment Grants and sustainable funding for non-profits and all outstanding causes worldwide for over a decade"

Thank, reward, and rejuvenate your supporters while "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff" by assisting your outstanding cause to be approved for the 850th plus successful Jazz for Peace Event and all of the near and long term assistance that this Grant provides!




 The next step in the approval process is for our Grant Administrators to work together with you to submit a Grant Application and WIN GRANT Form that shows that members and supporters of your outstanding cause (such as Board members, friends and family of you and your Board Members, past/present/future supporters, distinguished associates, colleagues, members of your community, etc. etc.) are not only excited and proud to see you advance (via this proven "Helpful Step Forward" listed by numerous print sources as "One of the most significant cultural events of our time!"),  but are also willing to PROFIT FROM THIS EVENT THEMSELVES by attending as the VIP Guests of Honor and accepting in return for their VIP Honorary designation all of the wonderful and fantastic rewards and amenities that are detailed at this link and outlined in these VIP videos below.

As you can see from these video examples, we've never met a VIP Guest of Honor who was anything less than thrilled to be a part of this event.

Our Grant Administrators are well aware of this fact and delighted to assist you with this step!


An opportunity for your board members, friends, family and supporters to profit! 


Is this concert for you a first in your city or country and therefore a historic event?


Memorabilia from historic Jazz for Peace concerts starting with our very first event at the United Nations are now worth many times their original value. 


And for good reason! (Click Here)


Because of this we now offer a limited and numbered memorabilia item for you to choose from which will be given only to the VIP Guests of Honor thereby assuring the continuous appreciation in value of this item. 


The opportunity for your VIP Guests to sell this memento could present itself as early as the very next day after the event!


In addition to this opportunity to profit, each VIP is also entitled to ALL of these additional savings and rewards:


$100 Savings!


In addition to Board Members, friends, family, and supporters, this event will also have great appeal to friends and associates of yours who under normal circumstances "simply don't have the money" to attend an event of this significance.  Here is exactly why this event is the most economical opportunity that will take place in your town during this time period. :At $25 per ticket you save $100.


The cost of one regular priced General Admission ticket is $50 and the cost of one VIP ticket is $75.  However if a person is fortunate enough to be chosen by you as a VIP Guest of Honor the cost for their VIP ticket is only $25.  And because they are allowed to buy 2 tickets (so that their spouse, significant other, or whomever they would like to accompany them can also be a VIP) they get a $100 savings.


VIP Perks and Amenities


The VIP Guests of the Recipient Perks and Amenities- a special "VIP social and Networking Hour" of high quality people is provided which as you can see from these videos (see videos below) in many instances has included FREE food, FREE beverages, FREE Gifts and in some cases even preferred seating!  


·       A $100 savings to attend one of the world’s most significant cultural events.

·       .A VIP Meet and Greet Ceremony

·       .And in many instances Free Food

·       .Free Beverages

·       .And even Free gifts 

Estimated Value: In MANY instances - MORE than the $25 you are spending on the entire evening.


World Class Cultural Event


The World Class Cultural Event - considered by many cultural enthusiasts worldwide to be One of the Significant Cultural Events of Our Time as you can clearly see here:  




Estimated Value - DEFINITELY MORE than the $25 you are spending on the entire evening.


The Outstanding Cause and Beneficiary of this Event


We have simply NEVER encountered a grant recipient whose outstanding cause ALONE wasn't worth at LEAST $25 or more!

Estimated Value of just this component  - Priceless. 

Your VIP Guest of Honor Ticket Price for this entire event including all of the components listed above:


All for only $25!


Below are Two VIP Ceremony Examples:


Be sure to review the long term benefits of this Grant as revealed here: Certified Maasai  

FAQ: Please tell me everything I need to know about the VIP Invite Committee:

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"Jazz for Peace provides Empowerment Grants and sustainable funding for non-profits and all outstanding causes worldwide for over a decade"