Our 2009 JFP Philanthropic Recognition Award:  Vikas Khanna

“To teach is great, but to inspire is divine.”

Vikas Khanna is an Indian born Chef who has become a world famous Chef, food writer and humanitarian. Born in Amritsar, India he started as a helper in his grandmother's kitchen and learned the art of cooking and the use of spices from her. 

Vikas has founded and been involved with many organizations.  He has received numerous awards throughout his career as a top notch premiere Chef and through his philanthropic contributions. Vikas t
ravels all over the World and has taught thousands of people on different subjects of food. His commitment to support World Hunger through his restaurants, tours and books makes him a true leader in our society and one of our Jazz for Peace Honorary Ambassador Award Recipients....

For more information please go to www.vkhanna.com




Our 2009 JFP Philanthropic Recognition Award:  John P. Greco III

It is with great appreciation that Jazz for Peace honors John P. Greco lll for his outstanding commitment and support to the the community at large through his generous philanthropic contributions.

John P. Greco III is well known throughout the restaurant communities
of New York, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and Brazil. He is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America.

Before opening Philip Marie, Bamboo 52, and his most current "Bombshell" hit endeavor 123 Burgers Shot and Beer,  John worked at such renowned establishments as San Domenico, NYC & Imola,Italy, Cipriani/Harry’s Bar, NYC & Venice, Le Cirque, NYC and Torre diPisa in New York, where he was executive chef.

With classical training and broad experience, Greco’s love of American
Heartland preparations has inspired his creative take on good ol’ American

“With his flair for flavor combinations…the chef with the good eye is John
P. Greco III

“Chef John P. Greco III has created a menu rife with dramatic flourishes
and desserts that would give anyone’s grandmother an inferiority complex…”

“Greco brings energy and creativity to some truly addictive appetizers…”

“One of the most romantic restaurants in New York…an outrageous sensual
dining experience.”
- Jay Walman, WEVD

"Outrageous" If you haven't had a live Fire Volcano drink at Bamboo 52 you better hurry, it's getting hot in here......"
- Deb Cerritelli, Customer