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How to raise Maximum Funds


One of many simple techniques to help you achieve Maximum Funds


The pride and joy of our program is sharing the dozens of little techniques and tidbits that we have learned from our 800 previous, unique, sustainable fundraising events spanning almost 10 years with each new recipient.

Here is just one of many examples that we would like to share with you:

Using the VIP option to reach the 100% to you level.

As you may have noticed from our Ticket Breakdown Page (, VIP Guests of Honor make out like BANDITS in our quest to truly Honor those who have helped our recipients along the way with HUGE price savings ($100 per pair!) along with numerous other VIP perks that can be quite extraordinary depending on the various sponsors of each event (Click here for complete VIP Awards listing).

Click here to see a VIP Meet and Greet Pre-Event Ceremony:

Our special invite communicates the importance of this event to your VIPís, and of course your amazing organization and mission adds the all important frosting to this cake. However when you throw in the $100 savings for EACH VIP on their pair of tickets PLUS the spectacular array of amenities listed in the link above, these can be very easy tickets to sell when communicated to someone who is ALREADY a close friend, supporter, associate, family member, or music & culture aficionado of you, your board members, or anyone else on your VIP Committee Selection Process.

Simply by assembling a Better than Average VIP Committee as outlined at this link -, you can easily add to your allotment of VIPís and then use that number to reach the "100% to YOU!" goal of 220 Advance Ticket sales using a combination of VIP's and Sponsors. This simple technique creates the opportunity for your organization to achieve the MAXIMUM funding award!

Here are the two steps for this MaxFunds technique:

1. Use our Join Our VIP Committee document (click here for example) that we will provide you to assemble a "better than average" VIP Invite Committee consisting of Board Members and other enthusiastic friends and supporters who are happy to invite VIPís - each of whom will email the VIP Jump Start Invitation for your event to 25-50 of their friends, family and associates and then follow up with 8-10 of them by phone or in person.


2.    You only need 45 VIP's to confirm your event in the US. However with this BETTER THAN AVERAGE VIP Committee - go ahead and get 75 VIP Guests of honor!

                         For international Events click on 

With 75 VIP's purchasing or sponsoring a pair of Ĺ price tickets each you now have a total of 150 tickets sold.

We will then show you how to ADD a Gold Sponsor (which counts as 50 tickets) and a Bronze Sponsor (which counts as 20) and you now have 220 Advance Tickets SOLD and you are now at the 100% to you! Maximum Funds Level!

This simple but substantial technique not only puts MORE FUNDS into your coffers but also allows you to receive 100% to you of each and every ticket sale, sponsorship etc. etc. that comes in from this point forward putting you in the same Golden Drivers Seat as our biggest funding awards ever!

Please feel free to review this information which has helped so many others and ask our Grant Administration Department to go over this technique and our other sustainable fundraising techniques with you in more detail.

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