Dear Grant Candidate,

Thank you for your Win Grant Form and here is the next steps:

1. A letter has been sent to you similar to this sample letter below which also includes your VIP INVITE Committee LINK

Sample letter: Sample VIP Link:

Please email the letter we sent you to each of the people that you listed on your WIN GRANT Form along with any other Board Members, Friends, Family, Associates that you would like to join this committee asking them to click on the VIP Link listed in the letter and submit this form.

A copy of each form submitted will go to you at your email address and a copy will go to us to print out and show our Board to WIN this Grant for your outstanding cause!

Most VIP Committees average around 15 to 25 or more members.

15 members who invite just 4 VIPs each to purchase a pair of VIP discount tickets equals 75 VIP Guests of Honor (150 tickets total).

25 members who invite just 3 VIPs each to purchase a pair of VIP discount tickets equals 100 VIP Guests of Honor (200 tickets total).

However if your VIP Committee can have even more members than this it would make the process even easier.

2. After you and your Committee Members listed above have submitted the above link please feel free to show this link to any other supporters of your cause that you can think of including Friends, Family, Associates and Loved Ones of both you and your Board asking them to also click on the link and accept our proposal to honor them.

As you can see from our VIP Fast Facts - - we actually PAY the VIP guests of honor to come to this event by offering them $100 or more in World Class value for $25 which is only a small fraction of the full impact that this event has has on the people who have attended and the organizations who have been the beneficiaries.

However, should your outstanding cause (reason all by itself to agree to be honored), PLUS all of these amazing rewards for any reason STILL not be enough to commit to a pair of tickets at $25 each, here is one more thing that should help them to join if you can get them to look:

Unprecedented Achievements Supporting Link: 

And while our events are known and acclaimed by everyone (even the PRESIDENT! -, this is the first opportunity EVER for someone to be able to experience this event in your city.

Please feel free to share this email with your committee members and ask them to also forward it to their VIP invites with my word that if they decide to trade in their regularly scheduled itinerary for just one night to receive the Red Carpet Treatment from us as the VIP Guests of Honor for this very worthy cause that they will be every bit as happy as the residents of each of these 850 cities across the world -


Let us know if you have any questions.

John De Angelis - Grant Administrator - Jazz for Peace - 
212-947-1104 SKYPE: jazzmgmt Latest News: Jazz for Peace returns to Africa! Upcoming Movie Documentary “Saving the Maasai Mara – Jazz for Peace Live in Africa!”

Additional VIP Committee info: